Anne Alvarez named Teacher of the Month

CVUSD’s October Teacher of the Month accolade honored Anne Alvarez, a special education teacher at NPHS, for her dedication and tireless work to ensure that all of her students are always given the opportunity to shine both in and out of the classroom. Her kindness and care shows through in her work, reflected by this well-deserved recognition.

Since childhood, being an educator has always been her goal. “I’ve always really enjoyed working with kids, and helping them develop into what they can be,” Alvarez said. Upon being accepted into a specialized program after college, she decided to pursue special education.

After 40 years as a teacher, Alvarez says the most rewarding aspect of her work is being able to see the impact teachers can have on their students. “When you have someone come up to you and say, ‘You’ve changed my life, you made my life better,’ to me, that’s what teaching is about,” Alvarez said. “Teachers don’t go into teaching for money; there isn’t money in it. But, we get paid in the way we can help positively influence students’ lives.”

For students lucky enough to have her, it is clear that they feel the impact of her kindness. “I just see how much [they] love her. When you go into her room or they see her outside, you can see not only her love for the students but also how the students love her,” Michael Contreras, teacher and coach for the Unified Sports team, said.

Richard Bradley, social science teacher, nominated Alvarez for Teacher of the Month and has worked alongside her through both the National Honor Society and Unified Sports team. “There’s not a more deserving teacher,” Bradley said. “I think Annie is the best teacher I’ve ever met.”

Anyone who has seen Alvarez in action can attest to how she goes above and beyond in support of her students. “She really loves what she does, and it’s so infectious,” Bradley said. “I use the term ‘labor of love’ with her all the time. It’s really how she approaches things. She’s so passionate and just loves her job so much, [even when] her job’s not always easy.”

Above all, Alvarez is known for her heart. “She’s just a great person.” Contreras said. “She’ll always take the time to be kind. Kind. That’s the word that I always think of when I think of her.”

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