Carl Campbell games the stock market

The forced rise of GameStop stock stimulated by a subreddit throughout the end of January shook the world of trading, with Carl Campbell, 48, riding that wave. Campbell’s 15 years of experience in investing has allowed him to earn copious amounts of money with little work. “It’s a solid way to make money without having to go out there and make it with your hands,” Campbell said.

When he saw the GameStop stock shoot up in value, he decided to take advantage of that opportunity. “It was clear that it was going to be a money winner, so I got in early with it selling $67 a share as it was starting to climb there. And I held it for a couple of days and watched it break the 100 dollar mark and come back down,” he said. “I liquidated the last little bit of my position at around $136 because I figured that was as good as it’s going to get.” 

As seen with the GameStop stock, there is a lot of unpredictability with the stock market. “Anyone that says that they can predict the market is either lying or they’re a fool. Nobody knows what the market’s gonna do. Everybody can make predictions and boast if they get it right,” Campbell said.

Given his experience in investing, Campbell believes that more people should get involved in the stock market. “It’s the Wild Wild West right now and it’s not a bad time at all to get in and just, you know if you have a little money here or there. Throw some in on some good plays. It’s 

definitely a good time because of market volatility.” Campbell said.

Campbell, in his years of experience, has found that DogeCoin is a lucrative investment opportunity. DogeCoin is a type of cryptocurrency that makes Campbell, and other investors, a major amount of money even though the stock is less than a dollar. His most important piece of advice about stocks was to “buy Doge. Stop doing what you are doing right now and buy Doge.”

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