Keep your mental health up during online learning

With distance learning, maintaining a positive attitude and a healthy mindset is more difficult than ever. Even though it is the only option at the moment, school is not supposed to be experienced alone in your room. Although we may be returning soon, there are a few habits and hobbies that I have developed over the course of this year that have helped me feel more connected and less lonely doing my work. 

Getting into a routine can help you to be more productive and make homework more doable. Creating a homework schedule can help keep you on track and to know exactly what you need to get done in a specific time slot. It could be as simple as writing a check list or as fancy as a minute by minute plan. Knowing exactly what needs to be done is key to keeping up in class.

Listening to music during a study session keeps me going and helps me maintain focus. Although, it is important that the music you are listening to isn’t too distracting or takes away from the quality of your work. Oftentimes, if I feel stressed studying for a test, I will turn on a YouTube playlist. Personally, my go to homework music is anything by Fleetwood Mac or The Beatles. Spotify is a great platform to make playlists with some of your favorite music. One of the many benefits of Spotify is that it takes the kind of music you have been listening to and creates playlists based on it.

Writing has always been my favorite way of escaping the stress and anxiety that school and life brings. My room is filled with journals that I spend at least 30 minutes everyday writing in about how I’m feeling or just how my day went. Seeing your emotions and thoughts written down on a piece of paper not only allows you to understand your feelings deeper but to know what you need to work on. Journaling about the positives and what makes you happy is just as important as well, and reading your self-affirming thoughts can lighten your mood and make your day better.

Although keeping mental health up with online school can be tough, picking up these habits has made it a lot better.

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