Ricafort retires after 14 years at NPHS

Carmenita Ricafort is retiring this year on Dec. 30 after 14 years at Newbury Park. Ricafort has worked hard with Nick Guerin to make the College and Career Center (CCC) a welcoming place for students to help them with all college related matters.

Ricafort works around the clock to give students opportunities to plan for their futures and to help them get prepared for college. “My primary function is to provide guidance and resources to students in their college exploration, preparation, search and application process, financial aid and scholarships,” Ricafort said. Although she takes on many responsibilities, Ricafort loves doing her job and has shaped the CCC. “I worked very hard in making the CCC a very open, nurturing and welcoming place to students and letting them know that Mr. Guerin and I are always willing to help them and be there for them,” Ricafort said.

During her time at the school, the CCC has changed immensely into a place where students can schedule appointments to discuss their plans or just pop in. “While appointments are encouraged, students can pop in anytime during normal office hours and talk to either one of us on college or career related questions, or even just to hang out and air their frustrations and problems,” Ricafort said.

The CCC also created opportunities for students to come and help out Ricafort. “I worked with her everyday to pass out notes to seniors so that they could receive college help, I organized her room, and much more,” Samantha Scheffler, senior and Ricafort teacher’s assistant for 3 years, said. Ricafort puts extreme care and enthusiasm in her work and it shows. “Mrs. Ricafort is so kind hearted and genuine,” Scheffler said. “She is incredible at her job; guiding students in the right direction, with kindness and patience.”

Students and staff alike will miss Ricafort’s presence at NPHS. “Mrs. Ricafort is truly exceptional when it comes to listening and giving good advice,” Guerin said. “Many people know her by her kindness and laughter, but not everyone knows the depth of the wisdom and strength she possesses in tandem with her excellent sense of humor.” Ricafort’s legacy lives on in the school through the connections she made with everyone on campus. “I will miss working with students and helping them navigate the complex college exploration process and being a part of a very warm and supportive administrative, office and teaching staff.” Ricafort said.

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