Dance team pirouettes into in-person practices

Due to the pandemic, NPHS dance team has had to make many adjustments to how they practice and interact, including starting the year off holding practices over Zoom. This created challenges ranging from coordinating movement to creating bonds with teammates.

Being on the dance team for her first year, Jordan Jaglowski, freshman, said that she was having a particularly hard time dancing over Zoom. “Training over Zoom, it was kind of hard to learn a dance because I didn’t know which leg they were using or which direction [to go],” Jaglowski said. 

Another significant problem over the computer was not being able to interact with the rest of the team and build strong bonds. Sophia Di Stefano, sophomore, is also on the team for the first time. “Our team members, we weren’t as close together, like we didn’t know each other that well because we didn’t have time to really like dance together and exchange that type of energy and really talking and getting to know each other,” Di Stefano said.

Now, further into the year, the team is allowed to hold practices on campus. Taking place outside of the gym, they social distance and wear masks. However, this situation has provided its own set of problems. “In person it’s very difficult to breathe, especially when you have a cloth mask on. So you get out of breath easily,” Di Stefano said. “But you’re able to connect better with the team, and obviously learn to dance a little bit better.”

Despite these obstacles, students on the dance team are grateful for the chance to make connections and dance together. Brielle Anderson, freshman,  appreciates going back on campus because it gives her a chance to meet new people while doing something she enjoys. Since it is Anderson’s first year at NPHS, she was really excited to interact with some of her peers. “It’s been really cool, just going to dance practice and being able to meet new people, because you are starting off at a new school,” Anderson said.

Through the COVID crisis, the NPHS dance team has found ways to keep dancing while staying healthy and safe. In spite of challenges they have faced with these alternative practices, they have pulled through and stayed optimistic. “I love it, like it’s such a good opportunity to meet new people and everyone on the dance team is so nice and welcoming,” Jaglowski said.

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