TO Library hosts virtual programs

The Thousand Oaks Library is not only a place to rent books, but it also gives people the opportunity to be tutored, gain volunteer hours and much more. The TO Library continues to host a range of virtual programs for people to enjoy.

Brian Chau, senior, volunteers for Thousand Oaks Teen Advisory League (TOTAL), one of the many programs that are run at the Thousand Oaks Library. “[TOTAL] is a group of high school/middle school students who give feedback to the library on stuff like programs for teens and kids or just what should be in the library in general,” Chau said. “There were suggestions on how to make it more friendly; someone suggested to fill a nearby shelf with some book recommendations for teens and below. We also give input on the library’s programs and have the opportunity to run our own.”

Sadhana Jeyakumar, senior, volunteers for TOTAL as well. She has seen how the library has adjusted their programs to fit the regulations from COVID-19. “The library has created virtual programs to compensate and has moved some of the annual events online. The Summer Reading Club was launched exclusively online this year, whereas compared to previous years, students could come to the library to log hours and collect prizes,” Jeyakumar said. “However, I think the library did a great job continuing the program and even initiated a curbside pickup service for people to collect requested materials.” 

The Thousand Oaks Library also has teen librarian Kareena Kiefer, who directly plans programs at the library for middle and high school students. Kiefer knows the ins and outs of the programs that go on at the library and believes many of them would interest high schoolers in the area. “Currently, we have test preparation programs online and practice exams and questions online. We have a page on High School Test Prep with resources on studying for your SAT, AP and ACT tests, as well as other study and research resources at the library.” 

In addition to test prep, the library also gives seniors an opportunity to get their college essays professionally reviewed. “If students are applying for colleges or writing essays, they can get a professional essay review through our BrainFuse HelpNow program, where they submit their essays online and get them reviewed to help students get constructive feedback on their writing,” Kiefer said.

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