“Train to Busan” illustrates unity

As self-quarantines are carried out in hopes of keeping our community safe and healthy, many people are turning on their televisions and settling in for a good movie. “Train to Busan” is a movie that is fitting for this period of time due to its depiction of a rapidly spreading zombie apocalypse, which parallels our modern-day spreading of the Coronavirus.

“Train to Busan” is a horror/thriller movie that illustrates the lives of a family in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. This film will keep you on the edge of your seat as a father, Seok-Woo, and his daughter, Su-an, travel by train in hopes of reaching Busan, a city that has kept out the zombie virus.

The Seok-Woo is uptight and disconnected from his daughter, yet throughout the tragic events that took place, such as the family’s new friends turning into zombies before their eyes, he begins to open up and become the loving father his daughter deserves.

One significant event in this movie was when all the passengers were in Daejeon Train Station and rushing to stay safe as they were surrounded by zombies, who could give them the zombie virus through biting them. It was so interesting and inspiring to watch how the passengers came together and defended each other from the zombies, even though they were complete strangers.

I loved watching the evolution and growth of Seok-Woo in this film because it showed how people can either come together, like he and Su-an, or fall apart in times of tragedy. Many people on the train were skeptical of each other and had false assumptions that other passengers had the zombie virus, so countless passengers were booted off of the train to their death.

Watching this movie has allowed me to reflect on what is currently happening to our community due to the coronavirus. As all the passengers on the train did the best they could to keep the zombie virus from spreading, each one of us has an individual responsibility to stay home and keep ourselves mentally and physically healthy. Although we are advised to partake in “social distancing”, it is important to understand that we need to stay physically distant from one another yet stay socially connected, as we are all in this together.

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