Watch the best episodes of “The Office”

Many know and love “The Office.” Whether it be student or adult, we all enjoy the laughs this mock-unmentary brings. Through Jim, Pam, Michael, Dwight, and many others, we are able to connect with these normal people experiencing emotions we have all felt in our lives, uncomfortable or not. The series has many great episodes, but each season has a few that shine brighter than the rest.

During season one, it was clear the writers were still figuring out how to balance the seemingly uncomfortable humor with the storyline. My personal favorite episode of the season was “The Alliance,” which involves Dwight, the mischievous alarmist, proposing an alliance with Jim, the office prankster. Seizing the opportunity to mess with Dwight, Jim and receptionist Pam put Dwight through many pranks in the guise of gaining secrets surrounding possible downsizing. Filled with goofily romantic moments, we are able to take a peek at the unconscious love Jim and Pam have for each other and laugh along as Dwight so gullibly follows their instructions.

Later in season two, we are able to see the various ways the members of the office unwind during workdays in “Office Olympics.” While Michael, the manager, and Dwight are out finalizing the papers for Michael’s condo, Jim organizes all office games into an Olympic battle, having everyone compete for yogurt lid medals instead of doing their work. As Jim initiates these games, we can only think of all the times we need to step away from our work and goof around to stay sane. We laugh along as we recognize ourselves in each of the characters and their participation in the game. The episode ends so beautifully with closing ceremonies, Michael getting  a gold medal and honored for buying his own home. As he looks at the office, he starts to tear up at the people he truly loves, leaving the audience smiling and warm.

Michael had always been a strange sort of character, and that only gets amplified in season four’s “Dinner Party.” After many failed invites, Michael was able to get Jim, Pam, Angela, and Andy to come to his house for a dinner party with his girlfriend, making his guests suffer from awkward conversation, uncomfortable party games and the witnessing of his toxic relationship. Not only are we able to pity Micheal, we are able to laugh at the pain all the office members felt during this uncomfortable situation.

In season seven, we are able to finally see Michael get his soulmate, Holly, in “The Search.” Michael ends up getting lost in town with no phone or money, so Holly is sent out to find him. Michael goes from place to place, and Holly is able to find him based on their shared,  weird interests. After a long day, she finally finds him, and they get together. Michael, who awkwardly made his way toward love, finally gets his girl, and with that, we are left content.

As the series inevitably ended, with the series finale we discovered a show that finally tied up its ends nicely. The gang is reunited for Dwight’s long coming wedding to Angela, and we are left knowing that our favorite characters will live on happily, and we will too.

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