Girls Lacrosse shoots past COVID-19

As pandemic life begins to mix with a little bit of normal, girls lacrosse preseason has kicked off to a strong start. While practice is not the same as it used to be, the athletes still pursue the sport they love while being safe and working together as a team. 

In terms of safety, lacrosse did not need to make too many changes in terms of contact. Sophia Laubner,  junior, explains the adjustments that were made at practice. “Because of COVID we wear masks coming to practice, on sidelines, and leaving practice,” Laubner said. “Currently we are not playing with contact and trying our best to remain socially distanced throughout drills.” 

Daniella Guyette, junior, has a similar perspective. “Luckily we never touch the ball directly with our hands so we are able to make it farther than other sports,” Guyette said. “It’s getting very close to normal, but the physicality on defense has to be limited to a safe amount.” 

Each person on the team plays a critical role in how well they do in the end. Guyette has been on the team for three years as goalie and has now committed to Syracuse University for division one lacrosse. “I see [the goalie] as the backbone of the team. If I make a save at a critical moment it allows everyone to take a second and reset for the next possession.” 

Laubner likes the combination of defense and offense, encouraging her to move to midfield. “Midfield gave me the opportunity to play both sides of the field,” Laubner said. “And put all of my skills into play such as speed, ground balls, transitions/clears, shooting, and defense.” After three hardworking years of varsity, Laubner is now captain of the team.  

While the sport in its entirety is important to these athletes, all of the players have found certain qualities to be particularly special. Ashlyn Smilor, a junior, who plays defense, likes the teamwork aspect. “My favorite thing about lacrosse is that we all work together and we all work together to make each other better.” 

“I’ve made so many friendships through lacrosse, especially since the sport is on the smaller size,” Guyette adds. 

Along with this, lacrosse has a unique competitive spirit that draws these athletes in. “It’s a very fast sport with quick plays. I love the competitiveness it has while also being super fun.” Laubner said.

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