NPHS builds a new softball field

After being up in the air for nearly ten years, a new softball field is coming to NPHS. The plan was proposed about two years ago and construction began about a month ago.

“They’re making really good progress, so we feel like the girls are going to be able to play on the field this spring,” Stephen Lepire, principal, said. For the girls’ softball team, this could possibly mean playing on campus during their spring season. Prior to the construction of this field, the girls’ softball team had been practicing a few blocks away from NPHS at Borchard Park.

In the past, students would have to walk to Borchard Park for practice because of the lack of a field on campus. “Honestly I feel that they’re excited about [the new softball field], excited to be right there and not have to go a block or so to the park,” Mike Dagan, head coach of the girl’s softball team said. Dagan believes that with the installation of this new field there will be more school spirit surrounding the softball team. He also hopes that there will also be more participation in both players and people coming to watch games. 

According to Jason Klein, athletic coordinator, the field was paid for with district funds after the bids and funds were approved this last summer. “Anytime that we can have a facility for Panther students on campus, you know that’s a well-used facility, I think it’s a good thing,” Klein said.

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