Girls Tennis strikes through COVID-19

With there being less chances for the girls tennis team to go back to the courts, this season hasn’t been like any other. Among other various sports teams having to adapt to these new changes, these girls have adapted and changed their routine to accommodate quickly and successfully.

Playing on the team since last year, Rachel Hu, sophomore, has been adjusting to practices on her own. “In the past few weeks we’ve been doing Zoom meetings with Coach Mulligan, and we’ve just been talking about how much tennis we played [in private lessons],” Hu said.

The girls are also actively finding ways to combat the absence of practicing. Anna Li, junior, has been on the team for three years and had some trouble figuring out how to keep herself physically in shape. “I’ve definitely lost some strength and endurance, but that’s why I’ve been doing some, like sort of cross training,” Li said. “Instead of hitting, I do like workouts at home, and I run to keep myself in shape while I’m off the courts.” 

Having to deal with the stress of her senior year, Ramya Ukkan, is disappointed to be spending her final year on the team being separated. “Personally, it’s been a little difficult for me to actually get out and play tennis because I’m a senior and I’m really busy with college apps… I’m planning on getting back on the courts on the weekends and I’m just trying to get out of the rusty phase that always seems to be there when you start playing for the first time,” Ukkan said. Even though the team has faced immense difficulties and drastic changes from past seasons, this does not stop them from continuing their season with the hopes of reuniting with their team. This team spirit is what will carry the tennis team throughout the hardships that COVID-19 brings, and it will help them when their practices and season starts. “We’re gonna actually go to the courts and do conditioning, it’ll be nice to meet everyone after a couple of months,” Hu said.

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